Small Kitchen Design Ideas Will Magnify Your Favorite Spot!

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Would you love to invite yourself into the beautiful section of small kitchen design ideas? It’s no amazement that homes and small apartments offer you an abundance of elegance and charm which is unmatchable. However, these areas likely to be lacking when the kitchen space comes into the picture. Fortunately, millions and millions of small kitchen ideas maximize efficiency and storage.

The designing of small kitchen areas functions with space’s layout regardless of how your kitchen is enclosed in U-shape, folded together in a corner, or restricted to a single wall. Taking everything into consideration, let’s look into helpful tips on small kitchen designs to maximize your kitchen area. 

Add A Prep Area

You might not have an area to extend; therefore, think of placing a table that works two ways as your preparation table and your dining one. You can put your ingredients and tools on this table while you cook.

Erase Upper Cabinets

If your ceilings are about 10 feet higher, then it’s unnecessary to go with upper cabinets; for such high walls, open shelves work great. They are functional as you have easy access to glasses and dishes.

Greenery Speaks

Greenery In Kitchen Enhances The Idea of Small Kitchen Design
Greenery In Kitchen Enhances The Idea of Small Kitchen Design

Adding greenery to your kitchen space can make your kitchen look lively! The air-purifying indoor plants and herbs can strike the game of fascination!

Add Extra Seating

Use that extra counter spot for having your refreshing morning coffee or tea and casual dinners.

Fix Striking and Pendant Lights

While cooking in a smaller kitchen area, it is always essential to put on a light that brightens your entire kitchen. So, good lighting works incredibly!

Floating Table Installation

When your L-shaped kitchen is in front of a blank wall, then make the best use out of it! Position a floating table or shelf for dining space or extra counter. You can even install a foldable table that you can flush with the wall when it’s not in service.

Use Light Colors

When you use light colors, it visually makes your kitchen looks bigger. When there are lighter shade walls, backsplashes, millwork, and countertops, it makes your kitchen feel more broad and open.

Vertical Designing

When a smaller kitchen is your headache, try installing open shelves, knife mounts, spice racks, and pot racks above your gas stove. It will help in freeing up a lot of space.

Tiny Sink with Cover

Covered Sink For Small Kitchen Design
Covered Sink For Small Kitchen Design

To double your prep area, install the biggest innovation in kitchen appliances, a sink that comes with a cover. This cover works as a chopping board on the sink’s top. It’s one of the best small kitchen design ideas to consider.

Deep Sink

A deeper sink means concealing of more number of dirty dishes and pots. 

Mirrored Backsplash

Mirror placement works the best when you wish to have natural lightening in your kitchen space. It also works great when space is lesser or minimal. Therefore, rather than installing traditional tiles, go for mirror tiles for a backsplash.

Add Drawers To Your Cabinets

Inside your cabinets, install drawers. The access to the medley of pans, Tupperware, and lids gets much easier. Also, it is a pocket-friendly solution than having custom cabinetry.

Wrapping It Up

So, whether you are into a renovation or want to start from scratch or want to have a refreshing artistic touch to your existing space, try these solutions on small kitchen design!

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